Your little one is discovering more and more each day. Our focus to teaching this age group children is to bridge the gap between toddler and preschool learning. This is a crucial time during which children start developing social awareness, distinguishing right from wrong and develop a deeper understanding of the basic concepts they have been introduced to as toddlers.

XTreme Kids aim to help your child learn about self-reliance and self-esteem through various games and activities. Their curiosity and energy are rewarded through activities that focus primarily on group work, encouraging them to interact with other children in a meaningful and collaborative way. Group activities provide exposure to the world around them and realize their relative position within this world.

This curriculum will help your child further develop the following skills

Advanced Motor Skills : Hands-on activities (coloring, building blocks), outdoor play time, tossing and catching.

Cognitive Skills : Basic recognition of shapes and colors, puzzles, basic recognition of letters and numbers.

Language and Reading Skills : Story time, basic reading and lettering.

Creative Skills : Coloring, drawing, construction and art projects.

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