Senior Kindergarten is academically rich, all-day program with standardized tests, and parent-teacher conferences. It prepares children for first grade and beyond. As their gross and motor skills get better they discover a new sense of independence and self-confidence.

In this program, your child will be encouraged to solve basic puzzles through exploration, deduction and, of course, play time. With the support of our loving and caring trainers, your child will learn what senior kindergarten is all about. They acquire a wider vocabulary, recognize and use rhyming words and identify several words. They can read simple sentences as phonetics is an integral part of the curriculum. Math also becomes more exciting with counting larger quantities and writing numbers till 20. Children learn to apply number concepts in relation to everyday applications.

Through this program, your child will be encouraged to develop and enhance the following skills

Senior Kindergarten Preparation : Memorization of rhymes , read simple sentences as phonetics, story telling.

Advanced Creativity : Arts and crafts, music, story making , puzzle solving .

Social : Working in groups, participating in annual day, Fancy Dress competition.

Physical : Dancing, sports time, physical activity.

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